What do Arbor Day and repaired windshields have in common? They both lead to more trees and a greener planet!

Today the goal of a healthier world took us to Springfield, Ohio. After a week of Midwestern storms, we met up with HSG (our glass claims partner) on a happily rain-free morning to plant red osier dogwood, red maple, and silver oak trees.

Back in 2009, we began a partnership with HSG to implement our popular Save a Windshield, Plant a Tree program. Created to keep millions of pounds of windshield waste out of landfills and conserve the amount of energy required to produce glass, the program pledges to plant a tree for every customer who opts for windshield repair over replacement.

To date, more than 13,500 customers nationwide have chosen to have their windshields repaired, and today we honored our side of the agreement by planting the second installment of trees with customers’ names on them (figuratively speaking, of course).

Representatives from both Esurance and HSG were happy to dig in and get their feet a little muddy to plant the first of 8,000 trees that will find permanent homes in Ohio in 2011.

A very special thanks to all our customers who’ve participated in the program, and happy Arbor Day to everyone.

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