Remember the last time you went to a fair and got to play with robots and Tesla coils, check out a Dr. Evil wheelchair, watch fire arts, try mobile tools, and meet some of the craftiest inventors on earth?

Unless you were at Maker Faire Bay Area 2013 over the past weekend, the answer’s probably, “no.” But as proud sponsors of Maker Faire Bay Area for the third year running, we were there to be part of the action.

Here’s an inside look at the highlights.

Greathouse Labs and one-of-a-kind machines

For the second year in a row, we invited innovators and makers to enter their custom creations in the Road to Maker Faire Challenge. Competition was fierce — entries ranged from laser kaleidoscopes to robotic sculptures — but one maker won your votes.

Greathouse Labs, helmed by Lance Greathouse, captivated your imagination (and ours) with his Dr. Evil wheelchair, secret Soviet grill, and kinetic sculptures. His work has been showcased at Burning Man, on Robot Wars and BattleBots, and around the country. Now you can see it right here:

Lance Greathouse and his Dr. Evil wheelchair
Lance Greathouse and his Dr. Evil wheelchair
Maker Faire Challenge Winner
The secret Soviet grill and a kinetic sculpture
Greathouse Labs
The Greathouse Labs crew: Lance Greathouse, Bryce Greathouse, Jessica Collins, and Christopher Collins

Esurance at Maker Faire Bay Area 2013

As builders of mobile tools and makers of car insurance, we were there to feature our latest invention: photo claims on Esurance Mobile.*

Esurance and our newest photo claims feature at Maker Faire Bay Area 2013
Esurance and our newest photo claims feature at Maker Faire Bay Area 2013

Our do-anything mobile app makes it easy to manage your policy, file a claim, and find nearby shops and services. Now it can make the claims process easier too. If you get into a minor single-car accident, you can snap pics of the damage with photo claims and we’ll go the limit to deposit the money needed for repairs within a day. That’s it. No more waiting for an appraiser to come to you.

If you have Esurance Mobile on your iPhone®, just make sure it’s up to date to take advantage of this latest feature. (Android™ users, your update will be on its way in a few short months.)

Other Maker Faire highlights

Of course, we weren’t the only innovators at this 2-day festival celebrating all things DIY. Here’s a sampling of what else happened at the greatest show-and-tell on earth:

flower fire art
Fire art
Adam Savage keynote speech
Adam Savage keynote speech
3D printing
3D printing

Upcoming Maker Faire events

Maker Faire has taken off around the globe. If you’re looking to get inspired, click here to find out when an event will be in your area. And make sure to look for Esurance at Maker Faire New York in September!

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*Currently only available on iPhone.

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