Insuring Famous Rides: Mad Max’s Pursuit Special

After a recent movie night, it occurred to us to wonder … how much would it cost to insure Mad Max’s monstrously modified Pursuit Special? Here’s what we dug up.


Pursuit Special

Who: Mad Max Rockatansky, Main Force Patrol Officer
Year, make, and model: 1973 Ford Falcon XB GT
Value: $75,000 (Including modifications)
Annual mileage: 20,000 miles
Points on license: 0 points — you’re a Main Force Patrol Officer, after all

You’re Max Rockatansky, Main Force Patrol Officer of the dusty, dystopian Australian future, and you need car insurance. The last time you took your Pursuit Special out on a mission the damages were … how to put this? … significant, so you’re looking to get some serious protection.

After doing a little research you realize that your Pursuit Special, a modified 1973 Ford Falcon XB GT, qualifies as a collector car. You’ve heard that collector car insurance can save you a bundle, so you decide to get a quote.

Once you hit the vehicle value section, however, you realize you’ve got no idea how much all the modifications cost — from the custom fiberglass nose to the supercharger to the 8 individual exhaust pipes — but the guys down at the Main Force motor pool tell you it’s worth about $75,000.

Mileage is another pickle, but in tallying up all last year’s mayhem and epic highway fights, you decide you probably do a good 20,000 miles annually. Then there’s the “Specific vehicle type” question: After a moment you decide “Motorsports” fills the bill fairly accurately.

Moving on, you click the “Modified” button, select “Parking Lot — Private” under vehicle storage (thinking grimly of the veritable junkyard that is the Main Force auto pool), and hit “No” in response to the question, “Is this vehicle currently under restoration?” (At least not just now).

Finally you hit “Get a quote” and begin to customize your policy.

Coverage Amount Internal commentary
Liability limits $500,000 combined single limit Yeeeeah … gonna need that.
Medical payments $5,000 Nowhere near enough, but I’ll take what I can get.
Uninsured motorist $500,000 combined single limit Since I’m pretty sure I’m the only one in post-apocalyptic Australia bothering with car insurance.
Underinsured motorist Declined See above.
Collision and comprehensive $0 deductible No way I’m footing the bill.
Guaranteed flatbed towing 125-Mile Plan — for true road warriors ‘Cause it’s for “true road warriors.” Obviously.

Final total
: $2,452/year*

Ouch, you think. Still, what can you expect when you’re a road warrior? At least now you can soldier on, knowing that whatever nicks, scratches, or apocalyptic-type damage the Pursuit Special sustains, your wallet at least will be fully protected.

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Note: Insurance limits, coverages, and premium totals do not reflect real-world totals. (No insurance company would touch Mad Max with a 10-foot pole.)

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