Insuring Famous Rides: The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile

Is an Oscar Mayer Wiener truly what you’d like to be? Find out with our hypothetical guide to insuring the Wienermobile.


Photo by Roger Jones

Tomorrow (August 4) is National Mustard Day, a time to relish Grey Poupon, spicy Dijon, and (what else?) hot dogs. Yes, it’s a near-perfect occasion. In fact, the only thing that could possibly improve this holiest and tangiest of days is a visit from the most flavorful thing on 4 wheels: the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile.

This famous ride beefs up supermarkets, picnics, and parades nationwide and is the perfect accompaniment to Mustard Day. But we can’t help wonder, in a world where everyone wishes they were an Oscar Mayer Wiener (a tad frightening, really) how can the vehicle that actually is one stay safe? In other words, how would you go about insuring the Wienermobile?

For the answer, let’s figure out some more about this zany hot dog on wheels and how it would fit a commercial auto policy.

Important vehicle info

Type: Wienermobile (truly in a class by itself)
Model: Chevy (well, c’mon … a Hyundai hot dog just wouldn’t make any sense)
Primary use: Marketing (deliciousness)
Year: 1936 (seems old, but it’s much younger in hot-dog years)
Weekly distance traveled for work: Up to roughly 1,000 miles (no time to rest these buns!)

Wienermobile factors that could impact coverage


It’s the measure of any self-respecting hot dog. Unfortunately, since most franks are eaten, not driven, the Wienermobile is in a quandary: stay plump and drive sluggish? Or slim down and drive sharp (but be forever mocked by the other grilled meats)?

Driver fleet

There are actually 12 employed Wienermobile drivers (called HotDoggers). And a commercial auto policy must account for all their driving records. However, having these employees get commercial drivers licenses could enhance their skills and cut the Wienermobile’s premium.


When we think flashy, red babe-magnet, we automatically think Wienermobile (don’t you?). But does its shiny red exterior actually make it more expensive to insure? Nope. Turns out it’s just a myth that red cars raise insurance rates. Good thing too. A hot dog by any other color usually means it’s spoiled.


It’s important to have a safe place to store commercial vehicles. That’s why the Wienermobile, wisely, stays nestled atop a golden bun at all times. On top of being fashionable and delicious, the doughy exterior can be a (sort of) mobile garage. No matter where the Wienermobile travels, it has a nifty shield from things like wind, debris, and torrential sauerkraut.

The Vienna-beef verdict

While the Wienermobile is a treat to behold, it might not be a treat to insure. Commercial rides often need more liability protection than personal ones. And with the risks posed by its awkward, plump dimensions, sheer size (27 feet long), and high annual mileage, the Wienermobile is no exception. A commercial policy from our partner Progressive could land around $2,600 a month.*

However, if the Wienermobile ever wanted to retire and kick back in the pantry as a collector vehicle, it could get a significantly cheaper rate. As a commercial ride, though, it could use the following coverages to protect its value:

Bodily injury/property damage liability: $750,000 combined single limit — gotta protect those HotDoggers.

Uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury: $500,000 combined single limit — for all those eat-and-run incidents.

Medical payments: $5,000 per driver — just blow your Wienerwhistle and help will find you!

Comprehensive: $1,000 deductible — in case of aforementioned torrential sauerkraut.

Collision: $1,000 deductible — an onion-injected engine is a bear to replace on your own.

*Of course, this quote is inexact and merely the result of a very tongue-in-cheek-(and-stomach) assessment.

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