Insuring Famous Rides: The Dude’s Gran Torino

The Dude may not seem to be the kind of guy to buy (or pay for) auto insurance. But recent events have given him a renewed sense of civic duty, so he’s decided to finally spring for coverage. Let’s see what he might pay to cover his much-abused rust bucket.

insuring the dude's car

Who: The Dude, aka, Jeff “I’m Not Mr. Lebowski” Lebowski
Year, make, and model: 1973 Ford Gran Torino
Value: $5,000 (maybe … before recent events)
Annual mileage: 3,650 (Sure, he lives in LA, but we’re guessing the only driving he does is to the bowling alley and back.)

Sam Elliot (voice-over):

The Dude abides.

And while car insurance may seem to have nothing to do with abiding, The Dude’s recent travails have convinced him that maybe there is something existentially valuable about financial security. After all, in the course of the past few days his car has been stolen by nihilists, nearly totaled by a gun-toting Vietnam vet, and beaten with a tire iron by an irate homeowner. And he needs wheels if he’s going to participate in the next round robin down at the bowling alley — assuming Walter doesn’t get them disqualified again.

(Yeah, he could walk. But we’re talking about a frontrunner for the title of “Laziest Man in the World” here.)

So, popping an infinite loop of strikes into his Walkman and turning the volume all the way up, he lays down on his fine new rug (which really, really ties the room together) and forgets what it was he was doing.

Hours later he wakes up, and, rubbing his bleary eyes, remembers what he was doing. “Bleep it,” he groans, then grabs his keys, fires up his rust bucket, and chugs down to his local library.

The Dude abides for a time, waiting for a computer to free up. When one finally does, he settles down in front of the computer and navigates to He starts a quote, but is surprised to see that 1973 doesn’t appear in the dropdown for model year. And the Ford Gran Torino doesn’t show up in the make or model dropdowns either.

What is this, man, The Dude thinks. Then he notices the helpful “Car not listed?” link and sees that there’s an even more helpful link to Hagerty, Esurance’s collector car partner, who can help him insure his pre-1981 vehicle.

And that’s it. After answering just a handful of questions he’s got his quote. And it’s for an amazing $144 a year!*

Let’s take a look at what The Dude is getting for that paltry sum ($12 a month!):


$100,000/$300,000 (per person/per accident)

Liability – property damage

$100,000 (per accident)

Medical payments

$1,000 (per person/per accident)

Walter did get pretty scraped up after that ridiculous move on the bridge …

Uninsured motorist

$100,000/$300,000 (per person/per accident)

I’m guessing I’m not the only one in L.A. without insurance.

Limited earthquake coverage

$1,000,000 (guaranteed value)

A must for any Southern Californian.


$0 Deductible

Wonder if I can sneak in a claim for all the damage that guy with the crowbar inflicted …


$0 Deductible

Far out, man. Far bleeping out, man.

*This is a special The Dude–only rate. Actual quoted policy premiums will differ.

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