Insuring Famous Rides: Elvis’s Pink Cadillac

In honor of Elvis’s birthday, we decided to take a minute to get a hypothetical quote on his most-famous car: the 1954 pink Cadillac.

Elvis's pink Cadillac

Photo by Tom Wallis

He was the first performer to sell out 4 consecutive shows at Madison Square Garden. He starred in 31 movies. The United States Post Office put his face on a stamp. He sold 118 million albums. Paul Simon wrote a song about his house. He was related to Abraham Lincoln. He had one of the most famous sequined jumpsuits of all time.

Elvis Presley.

He also collected some pretty cool cars and his personal motto was, “Taking care of business in a flash.” Which is exactly why Elvis would have loved Esurance.

Think about it: thanks to our fast, friendly website and supercool mobile apps, you can take care of all your car insurance business in a flash, just the way the king of rock n’ roll likes it.

In honor of Elvis’s birthday on January 8 (he would have been 77), we decided to take a minute to get a hypothetical quote on his most famous car: the 1954 pink Cadillac. Because of the Caddy’s vintage and designation as a collector car, we visited our collector car insurance partners at Hagerty for a quick and easy quote. (It’s now or never.)

Insuring Elvis’s pink Cadillac

State registered: Tennessee
Year: 1955
Make: Cadillac
Model: Fleetwood Series 60
Vehicle value: Iconic pink Cadillac. Owned by the King. Inspiration for countless songs and movies. It’s impossible to guess, but the low end of Internet speculation is 250K. Yow.
Miles driven each year: 0
Vehicle storage: Uh, Graceland.
Currently under restoration: Negative, baby.

Applicant name: Elvis Aaron Presley
Date of birth: January 8, 1935
Currently insured: No (but that’s alright, mama).

So how much would it cost Elvis to insure his pink Cadillac? If you’re guessing some astronomical figure, you’re wrong. Although the famous car’s value ranges between 250K and priceless (his peacock jumpsuit sold for a mere $300,000), insuring it would only cost $2,115 per year or $176.25 per month. (Just a little bit of green.)

Elvis’s pink Cadillac is so affordable to insure because it’s currently stored (nay, coddled) in a 17,552-square-foot mansion and rarely (if ever) driven. If Elvis were alive and were to make an annual 500-mile roundtrip journey to Birmingham, Alabama, for a peanut butter and banana sandwich (Elvis’s favorite sandwich), his quote would jump nearly $200 a year to $2,292.

But it’s all hypothetical. Elvis is gone and the pink Cadillac — while it may have lugged its share of legendary guitar pickers and bass players in its time — now carries nothing more than rock n’ roll history and lore (along with a few favorite Elvis songs).

And really, how do you insure the stuff of legend?

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