How to Survive a Blown Tire (Video)

Blowing a tire is scary. Find out how to make it manageable with our video.

Blowing a tire can be pretty terrifying. One minute you’re cruising along the highway, jamming to some tunes, and then suddenly the steering wheel seems to develop a mind of its own, pulling you (at 70 mph) towards the median. At least that’s how it was for me.

On my way to deliver dinner to a friend who was working long hours, my steering-wheel drum solo was unexpectedly cut short by a loud pop. I would’ve thought it was part of the song if my car hadn’t lurched across 3 highway lanes (thankfully there was no traffic).

I was incredibly lucky. My drumstick fingers were already in place on the wheel and I was able to react with catlike quickness, correcting my trajectory and safely guiding myself off of the road. It all happened so fast that it wasn’t until I was finally in park that I realized how scary and awful the whole thing had been. (Cue 19-year-old-drama-queen tears.)

It’s a scary situation, one that I’d never even thought about … until it was actually happening to me. Fortunately, our video can help you know what to expect, so you can navigate a blown tire like a champ. Check it out:

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