How to Check Your Oil in Less Than 2 Minutes (Video)

Checking your oil can help prevent your car from dying a slow, painful death. Here’s how to do it (without getting your hands dirty).

My dad is the first to admit he’s not handy. When the oven stopped working or my car made a clunking sound, his “expert” recommendation was to call the experts. But as soon as I got my first car, he was adamant that I learn how to check my oil.

The conversation went something like this:

“Jessica, let’s go outside so I can show you how to check your oil.”

“But Daaaad, Beverly Hills 90210 is about to start. Gawd!”

Thank goodness that petulant teenager eventually grew up and realized the value of making sure her car’s fluid levels are sufficient. About once a month, I pop the hood and make sure my oil hasn’t dipped too low. After all, a car without oil is like a fish without water. And that’s a slow, painful death.

Checking your oil’s super easy. Here’s how to do it:

As my dad always says (or maybe just said once), “Treat your car well and it’ll run forever.”

That’s the plan, Dad.

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