How to Change a Flat Tire (Video)

Learn once and for all how to change a flat tire … and prepare for a life of heroism.

How to change a flat tire

Believe it or not, I’ve never had a flat tire. Ever. And you want to know something? I’m kind of bummed about this.

“My God, why?” you might ask. How could I ever curse what seems like such outrageous luck? Simple, really: if I ever did have a flat tire, I’d know exactly how to swap it for a spare. That’s knowledge (and power) I want to use!

It doesn’t even have to be my own flat tire — I’d settle for anyone’s. Oh, how my heroism with a lug wrench could become legendary if only given the chance: saving a group of hikers stranded in the dangerous wilderness, rescuing a damsel in distress, getting my nephew to his T-ball game on time … the possibilities are endless.

And believe me, it’s not for a lack of trying. In high school, I carpooled strictly with the football team in hopes the sheer bulk would obliterate at least one wheel. As a valet in downtown Chicago, I returned people’s cars by popping them up over the curb. And as a resident of Los Angeles, well, I drive places (anyone who knows this city’s pothole situation knows I should’ve had flats galore plus minor scoliosis by now). But still, nothing.

As the anticipation mounts, it seems my moment in the handyman sun will have to wait. The good thing is, when it comes, I’ll be ready to shine.

If you’d like to achieve this same level of confidence and strike flat-tire fears from your life (and how could you not?), check out our step-by-step video on how to change a flat tire.

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  1. Burt Ward
    May 10, 2013 #

    Since so many people are in SUV's, they require that you only jack it up on the axles. If you jack up the body, you will jack it up higher than the mechanical limits of the jack and still not clear the ground. Jacking up the axle is almost the norm. Now the movie shows a 4-way, which I always carry but you never find it as stock. Also if you have a screw operated type jack, you might as well replace it with a bottle jack. Get the Land Rover type with the telescoping shaft. It makes life easier than having to wind up a screw type jack until you are exhausted. Never ignore the pattern of tightening the nuts. That can kill you if you don't tighten them up correctly. Its a star pattern. At the very end, you can go around in a circular pattern to snug them down. But don't just tighten them up like there's no tomorrow as you do want to take them off again some day. Preventing flats means good rotation habits, inflation, and replace before they get bald.

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