Spices: in the kitchen of life, they’re … well … the spices. Keep ’em at the ready for your culinary adventures with a space-saving, time-saving, convenient solution: under-cabinet magnetic storage. Drew and Jonathan Scott will show you how it works.

DIY Ditty Track #6: Cabinet Action

Let’s take it step by step

Free up space in a small kitchen with under-cabinet magnetic spice storage.

  1. Install a magnetic strip or piece of sheet metal underneath your cabinet (choose carefully, and be safe with those power tools!).
  2. Glue magnets underneath or on top of your metal spice jar lids — use the extra strong kind and make sure the magnetic sides are lined up correctly.
  3. Arrange spices alphabetically, sweet to spicy, or however you want — it’s your kitchen!

Convenient and space-saving. Win-win.*

Waste not, want not: Maximize small spaces

Small home or apartment dwellers know the drill. Every time you see a cute chair, kitchen appliance, or fabulous bulk deal on paper towels, the question always comes up: “But where are we going to put it?” So in honor of the, ahem, efficiently-sized home, here are a few low-fuss storage solutions to give you a little extra wiggle room.

Hang it all

Looking for an extra row of space under the sink for your cleaning supplies and other sundries? Try installing a tension rod (the kind often used for shower curtains) near the top of the cabinet. Then hang spray bottles by the neck to give you more room underneath for bulky items, like sponges and dish detergent.

Magnets, magnets everywhere

A DIY spice rack isn’t the only way to harness the power of magnets. Reclaim counter space from your bulky knife block by installing a magnetic knife strip on a kitchen wall. Get rid of the house key bowl and replace it with — you guessed it — a magnetic strip. Store anything from bobby pins to your workspace tools — as long as it will stick to a magnet (or you can stick one on it), the only limit is your imagination.

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Magazine holder organizers

Attach magazine files (the kind with a solid bottom) to the inside of a cabinet door to hold tall stuff (rolls of foil, extra wooden spoons, cooking spray) and clear out valuable drawer space for some of those cool kitchen gadgets you’ve been eyeing at the fancy home goods store.

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*A few reminders before you start getting spicy with your kitchen fixtures. First, remember to consult a pro to make sure your plan looks good (and check with your landlord if you rent — DIY doesn’t spell savings if you lose your deposit). Always practice safety when using those power tools. And take it from us: make sure those magnets are super, super strong or you could have a very pungent mess on your hands. Now go forth and spice things up!

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