Get the Skills to Survive Anything (Even Zombies)

Your Cub Scout survival skills won’t get you through the zombie apocalypse, but a premium emergency car kit and a trip to Zombie Survival Basics in Portland, Oregon will!

Our Zombie Sweeps has now ended — big thanks to everyone who participated. We’ll be announcing our grand prize winner soon. 

As National Preparedness Month continues, so do our efforts to arm you with the must-have tools to survive anything. We’ve already given away 75 emergency car kits this month and still have 25 more up for grabs.

This week is your last opportunity to comment for a chance to win essential survival gear. Plus, your comment will automatically enter you for a shot at the grand prize — a trip for 2 to zombie survival camp in Portland, Oregon, a 2-night stay in a hotel, and $2,000 in travel money.

Why zombie camp? Well, we can’t say for certain that the apocalypse is near, but if you’re going to be ready for the worst, a world overrun with the walking dead is pretty much as bad as it gets.

Zombie Survival Basics in Portland, Oregon

You’ll learn more than just how to set up camp in this unique 7-hour program. Get a crash course in urban and remote survival, zombie combat and evasion, and how to think quickly and clearly when your life depends on it.

Tips on how to guide your loved ones to safety and build shelter in the wilderness could come in handy not only when escaping zombies, but also for surviving camping and road trip mishaps, as well as natural disasters.

The day’s itinerary includes:

• Starting a fire without matches
• Makeshift torches, weaponry
• Zombie and stealth scenarios (hunting with bows and foam arrows)
• Building wilderness shelter
• Cutting and hacking with swords, hatchet throwing
• Transport methods for escaping infected areas
• Foraging wild foods
• Cooking on a campfire
• Creating smokeless fires
• Making your zombie survival pack
• Proper zombie “disposal”
• And more

Enter the Zombie Sweepstakes*

To enter for a chance to win an emergency car kit, all you have to do is comment below telling us what you think is the most important thing to have in an emergency (aside from food, water, and some type of weapon … for the zombies).

Your comment will also enter you for a chance to attend zombie survival training in Portland, Oregon, along with a 2-night stay in a hotel, and $2,000 in travel money.

Comment below and be sure to check out our previous Esurance Zombie Sweeps posts (here, here, and here) to see what others have said. And stay tuned … next week we’ll announce our grand prize winner here on the Esurance blog.

Sorry, New Yorkers! You aren’t eligible to win due to regulations in your state. But we encourage you to create your own emergency car kits to be prepared for anything.

Stuff our legal team makes us say

*No purchase necessary to enter or win. A purchase will not increase your chances of winning. The “Sweepstakes Period” begins 9/3/13 at 12:00 p.m. PT and ends 9/30/13 at 12:00 p.m. PT. This Sweepstakes consists of four (4) independent weekly sweepstakes (each a “Weekly Sweepstakes”) beginning 9/3, 9/9, 9/16, and 9/23 and ending at the start of the next Weekly Sweepstakes. Subject to full Official Rules. Open to all of the U.S. (excluding New York) 18+. Limited to one (1) entry per person, per email address per Weekly Sweepstakes. Void where prohibited. Sponsored by Esurance Insurance Services, Inc. 650 Davis Street, San Francisco, CA 94111. Odds of winning depend on number of eligible entries received.

350 Responses to “Get the Skills to Survive Anything (Even Zombies)”

  1. Avatar for Jennifer Wood
    September 23, 2013 #

    A banana peel, so the zombies slip and fall.

  2. Avatar for Jennifer Wood
    Chrystal Green
    September 23, 2013 #

    In any emergency always remember to remain calm. Panic wastes energy. In case of Zombies remember to count your ammo.

  3. Avatar for Jennifer Wood
    September 23, 2013 #

    Good mascara….you can bat your lashes out of any situation.

  4. Avatar for Jennifer Wood
    September 23, 2013 #

    Knowing basic skills on how to survive without modern conveniences. Know hot to hunt, cook, make fire, farm, sew, clean wounds, etc.

  5. Avatar for Jennifer Wood
    September 23, 2013 #

    Zombies oh no. I say bring it

  6. Avatar for Jennifer Wood
    Anna Camille Chandler
    September 23, 2013 #

    Don't panic, and always carry a towel …

  7. Avatar for Jennifer Wood
    Xavier Placencia
    September 23, 2013 #

    Water, food, shelter, cell phone with solar charger, first aid kit, flashlight, knife with survival kit, matches…

  8. Avatar for Jennifer Wood
    September 23, 2013 #

    fire starter and a tarp for shelter

  9. Avatar for Jennifer Wood
    September 23, 2013 #

    A good pair of shoes. My own custom survival kit and your good to go.

  10. Avatar for Jennifer Wood
    Trasina McGahey
    September 23, 2013 #

    A way to call for help. A cell phone… flares. Anything to get help!

  11. Avatar for Jennifer Wood
    September 24, 2013 #

    Also be with someone you love, and the basics to survive: medical supplies, water, canned goods and don't forget the can opener. Also a gun and some bullets for defense.

  12. Avatar for Jennifer Wood
    September 24, 2013 #

    The most important thing to have is an extra pair of underwear.And make sure you are wearing sneakers

  13. Avatar for Jennifer Wood
    Lisa Patrone
    September 24, 2013 #

    Blankets, proper clothing, emergency kit!

  14. Avatar for Jennifer Wood
    September 24, 2013 #

    Water is the most necessary item to have in an emergency.

  15. Avatar for Jennifer Wood
    Jeremy Foster
    September 24, 2013 #

    The ability to remain calm and improvise when needed in an emergency is key. Blankets, flashlight, knife, rope, water, and a first aid kit can all be helpful. Also a phone with charger, flares and some cash should be on hand when in a car.

  16. Avatar for Jennifer Wood
    September 24, 2013 #

    The most important thing to have in ANY emergency situation is presence of mind. Training in survival and first aid are a huge plus. Any tools, training, weapons ,etc are useless without a clear head and the ability to remain calm and focused. With that one thing, you can gather and use all the other necessities. (Planning ahead and having some of those necessities on hand BEFORE an emergency is a REALLY good idea!)

  17. Avatar for Jennifer Wood
    Jeremy Sutherlin
    September 24, 2013 #

    In an Emergency? good trusty Lighter. It is a light source if the power goes out, It is a potential source of warmth. Also what good would a stash of food do you if you can't cook it? yup fire is the ultimate survival must, beyond food shelter and water. And a proper lighter is a must.

  18. Avatar for Jennifer Wood
    Joe Horn
    September 24, 2013 #

    A cell phone, flash light, first-aid kit, rain protection and jumper cables.

  19. Avatar for Jennifer Wood
    Shawn Rowan
    September 24, 2013 #

    The most important thing to have other than food and water is a good knife. Even though the knife can be used as a weapon, the knife is a very important survival tool. Many tasks can be accomplished with a good knife. Other than a knife, other essential items (after a knife) for an emergency are: a good weather resistant lighter; a good pair of shoes or boots; extra socks. While a fire can be made without a lighter or matches, it is just so much easier with one, and it doesn't take up much space. The boots/shoes and socks are important, since during an emergency, especially one with zombies, you may have to walk or run long distances, good shoes or boots will make all the difference.

  20. Avatar for Jennifer Wood
    Michael Torano
    September 24, 2013 #

    brains (use as chum to bait them to a strategic placement for easy get-away), flashlights, crossbow, hatchet, elfin bread (like in Lord of the Rings), first-aid kit, water, Surviving the Zombie Outbreak: The Official Zombie Survival Field Manual