This week, Esurance was at the world-famous South by Southwest (SXSW) music, film, and interactive conference and festival held in Austin, Texas. And boy, did we make the rounds!

Our Esurance Access Badge gave attendees special access to events like the Mashable House, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and more. Our on-site Glove Box awarded cool prizes like iPads® and Mophie® Juice Packs. And our Fuel Lounge at 6th and Trinity introduced guests to our newest money-saving tool, Fuelcaster™ (while also providing them with refreshments from local juicer, Juiceland).

And then there was our panel discussion with Leo Burnett, our advertising agency, and Twitter. The topic? Our #EsuranceSave30 Twitter giveaway.

How the #EsuranceSave30 giveaway came to be

You probably heard that we gave away 1.5 million dollars as part of a first-of-its-kind Twitter giveaway following Super Bowl XLVIII.

We were invited to SXSW to talk about how the whole thing went down — a behind-the-scenes look at what went right, what went wrong, and what kept us up at night.

It was a packed house as our esteemed panel talked about some of the challenges of working against the clock (we only had 6 weeks to make it happen) and making tough decisions about hashtags, Twitter trolls, and how to keep track of millions of Tweets.

And it couldn’t have happened without our partners — from Leo Burnett who came up with the great idea, to Twitter who helped us manage the 81 spam accounts that popped up, to all those who helped monitor and respond to the millions of people Tweeting during the 36-hour campaign.

Our panel generated a lot of interesting Tweets as well. Here are a few:

sxsw 6



Attendees asked great questions too, including one about how a wildly successful campaign like #EsuranceSave30 will impact how we do things on social media. The answer: this giveaway (while attention-grabbing) was just one small part of how we use social media at Esurance.

Our relationship with social media

In the modern world, social media is integral to how we connect, communicate, and share information. And it’s a great place to showcase our partnerships with exciting events like SXSW, the South Beach Wine and Food Festival, and the US Open.

But if you look past those high profile events, you’ll see that we’re on Twitter and Facebook 24 hours a day, talking to customers, answering questions, and helping them solve their insurance issues in a way that only we can — by being approachable, fast, and responsive. In fact, our @esurancecares Twitter handle is devoted entirely to customer service. And we have the fastest Facebook response times in the industry.

The folks responding on those platforms are the same licensed agents you’d talk to over the phone or online. Social media simply provides our customers with one more (superefficient) way to get in touch.

We’re exceedingly proud of our Twitter giveaway success, but it’s the day-to-day customer interaction that truly makes us who we are. Welcome to the faster, smarter, and just plain better modern world.

Looking for more info on our Super Bowl giveaway? Check out these highlights and milestones:


2186.16 Win Big infographic-01

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