As you may know, last year we bought the first commercial AFTER the Super Bowl, saved a whopping $1.5 million by doing so, and then gave those savings away on Twitter. It was a smart and modern way to illustrate how far we’re willing to go to help you save on insurance.

This year, true to our innovative approach to everything we do, we decided to purchase not one but two commercials DURING the Super Bowl. Why? Because this year we wanted to leverage one of the biggest media events of the year to showcase our modern-world approach to making sure you only pay for what’s right for you, not someone sorta like you.

Sorta you isn’t you

At Esurance, we understand that sorta you isn’t you. You’re not “sorta mom.” You’re you — 100 percent you. And when you’re shopping for insurance, you want to make sure you’re getting coverage options that are right for you.

So we kicked off our campaign during the Big Game by featuring two well-known celebrities as Sorta You characters. The new advertising campaign highlights CoverageMyWay™, which gives you personalized coverage options powered by smart technology to help make sure you only pay for what’s right for you, not someone sorta like you.

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We think this is pretty cool, and we didn’t just want to “sorta” introduce it … we wanted to get it out there in a big, big way. And what better way to reach millions of potential customers than by advertising in one of the most-watched, highly anticipated events of the year?

The Esurance Super Bowl commercials

We teamed up with two celebrities to create what we think are smart, funny (if not sorta unexpected) commercials that vividly bring to life the idea that “sorta you isn’t you.”

By featuring #sorta unexpected celebrities, our goal was to create impact (and hopefully a few laughs) by choosing characters who are identifiable and also totally not you. And we felt the Super Bowl was the biggest (and best) platform from which to launch our campaign.

We’re excited about the new campaign, but more than that, we’re excited about the modern-world technology and the “you-inspired” approach to insurance that inspired it. Learn more about CoverageMyWay or just visit to get your personalized quote.


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