Esurance is proud to be the official home and auto insurance partner of Minor League Baseball.

Since we added homeowners insurance to our roster in 2013, Esurance has been working hard to bring the same innovation and expertise to insuring homes as we do to insuring autos. With modern-world apps and technology, plus friendly agents available around the clock, Esurance helps you make smart decisions when it comes to protecting your most important investments.

And this year, through our partnership with MiLB, we’re excited to support hometown teams across the nation. Because whether it’s home field advantage, home base, or home sweet home, we know there’s nothing smarter than protecting home.

Why Minor League Baseball?

Here at Esurance, we love baseball.

In fact, as an official partner of MiLB, we’re the only brand to sponsor both Minor League Baseball and Major League Baseball (pretty cool, huh?).

Through our partnership with MiLB, we have the unique opportunity to connect with local communities through a shared passion for all the excitement and good old fashioned fun that’s found in the Minor Leagues.

Esurance and Minor League Baseball lineup

Throughout the season we will celebrate the top achievements of players, students, and fans through exciting new MiLB programs.

Esurance Call-Up Worthy

  • Who doesn’t want to follow their favorite players on their quest to the big leagues? With the #CallUpWorthy program, we’re making it easier for fans to do just that. By bringing fans content that highlights the top prospects from around the league, we’re taking the player’s journey through baseball and making it even closer to home.

Rising Star Students

  • Just as we celebrate the top prospects on the field, we’re also recognizing some prospects of a different kind off the field. Esurance will award scholarships to top students from select MiLB cities and towns in partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. Through Esurance Rising Star Students, we’ll celebrate “Call-Up Worthy” high school kids in local communities for their outstanding achievements. Our rising-star students will be recognized during pre-game activities and will receive a check to help them get started in their new “home base,” college.

Home Field Advantage

  • Because MiLB has some of the best fans in baseball, Esurance will also reward the top MiLB club in each of its 14 leagues with the highest percentage attendance with the Esurance Home Field Advantage Award. So head out to the ballpark to help your team get home field advantage this season!

Let’s Play Ball!

Stay tuned throughout the season for a number of exciting new developments from Esurance and Minor League Baseball.

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With nearly a year under her belt as the Esurance brand partnerships manager, Kristen brings her passion for sports and music to all our sponsorships, including MLB, 49ers, SXSW, and MiLB. She’s a devoted soccer fan (go Dynamo!), a charcuterie aficionado, and self-described beach snob.