If you know anything about Esurance at all, you know that we’re always working hard to improve the insurance experience. Who says that just because insurance is heavily regulated and required by law, that it has to be boring and old-fashioned? We believe insurance can be sleek, modern, technologically savvy, and as in-step with your life as, say, your smartphone, your Spotify playlists, or your Fitbit®. And so for years, we’ve been pushing the boundaries on bringing that idea to life. We’ve introduced programs like DriveSense® and DriveSafe®, which allow you to customize many aspects of your insurance by using telematics technology. We recently introduced Fuelcaster™, which helps you know whether to buy gas today or wait for cheaper prices tomorrow. And Esurance Mobile, our ever-evolving app, provides you the capability to do things with ease (however and wherever you want to). Now, in keeping with our long-standing promise to make insurance simpler for you, we’re introducing one of our coolest features yet: CoverageMyWay™.

What is CoverageMyWay?

CoverageMyWay, only from Esurance, is an intuitive platform designed to help you choose insurance coverage options that makes sense for you. Using smart technology, complex algorithms, vast industry expertise, insight from many years engaging millions of insurance shoppers, and more than a little secret sauce, it helps make sure you only pay for what’s right for you, not someone sorta like you. CoverageMyWay leverages advanced “back-end” technology, meaning it’s built directly into our online quoting process. Combining the brainpower of insurance experts, customer advocates, and data scientists, CoverageMyWay strives to make the quoting experience better for you. It is a little behind-the-scenes magic designed to help you find the coverage options that are right for you. Or, if you prefer, you can always talk to one of our licensed, friendly insurance experts to step you through the right coverage for you. On your computer, smartphone, or by calling us — anytime, anywhere — you can benefit from CoverageMyWay.

How does CoverageMyWay work?

Without giving away the farm, here’s a basic breakdown of how it actually works. When you get a quote, CoverageMyWay uses the information you provide — including but not limited to vehicle info, driving history, and family details — to prioritize the available options. Of course, you can still select your insurance coverages, but our intuitive platform helps you throughout the process. For example:

  • If you rent an apartment, home, or condo, we can suggest adding renters coverage to your auto policy so you get top-notch protection for your belongings as well as your ride
  • If you drive a new or higher-priced car model, we might highlight comprehensive and collision coverage to help safeguard your ride
  • If we think there may be more than one option that may be of interest to you, we could lead with one but also feature others as easy, one-click additions or side-by-side comparisons

And as further proof of our commitment to bringing you a tailored experience, we may also present you the option to shop and compare with our partner companies, thereby helping you find the right coverage for you … even if it’s not from Esurance. Why on earth would we do that, you ask? Because we’ve found that when done smartly, driven by a passion for each individual consumer and a belief in data and technology, we can grow our business by embracing the fact that you always deserve smart choices. How’s that for personalized?!

Why do we think you’ll like CoverageMyWay?

Simple. We think you’ll like it because it helps to streamline the insurance-shopping experience, by helping make sure you only pay for what’s right for you, not someone sorta like you. But don’t take it from me; take it from the millions of consumers who’ve shopped for insurance with us. Learn more about our Sorta You campaign, or just get a car insurance quote to see CoverageMyWay at work. And hey, welcome to the modern world.

Stuff our legal team makes us say

Provides options not recommendations. You decide your coverage. Not available in all states.

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