Esurance Commercial: Sports Car Time Machine

You can’t go back in time, so our newest commercial shows you how to do things right the first time.

The new Esurance commercial

Until the day comes when we all have access to time machines, we’re pretty much stuck with our bad decisions. So in the new Esurance commercial, we’ve got a tip on how to choose the right insurance coverages for your needs … the first time around.

Here’s a transcript for all you readers

Let’s say you had an accident.

And let’s say you bought cut-rate insurance and you weren’t covered. Oh, and your car is a time machine. Would you go back to when you got that less-than-amazing policy and go with Esurance instead?

Well, they do have tools like Coverage Counselor® to help you choose great coverage that fits you.

It’s like insurance from the future. Actually, more like insurance for the modern world®.

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