Gloves? Check. Ability to deliver? Check. Baby? Uh… Buster Posey is awesome. But just like sorta you isn’t you, a sorta doctor is definitely not a doctor at all.

Check it out.

Sorta Doctor starring Buster Posey transcript

Buster Posey: Who’s ready to have a baby?

Husband: Buster Posey?

Wife: You’re not my doctor…

Buster Posey: C’mon. I’m sorta your doctor. I mean we both wear gloves and we always deliver in the clutch.

Husband: Gloves. Clutch.

Wife: No, sorry.

Husband: Perhaps we take a vote?

Wife: No.

Buster Posey: Ok guys, are we going to do this or not?

Husband: (to Wife) Let him try…

Wife: No!

Husband: Honey, you’re embarrassing me in front of Buster Posey.

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