Sorta Marge drives a stick, likes to save money on car insurance, and feels integrity such as … that of healthcare. Or something.

But Sorta Marge isn’t Marge. Just like sorta you isn’t you.

The new Esurance commerical transcript

Foreman: Whoa whoa, Marge … You’re not Marge?

Sorta Marge:  I’m Sorta Marge.  We both drive a stick, we both like saving money on car insurance, and we both feel integrity, such as, that of healthcare in the America of the U.S. and therefore. Yes. Thank you.

Foreman:  No. No. Please, stop!

Sorta you isn’t you. Start with a quote from Esurance and get a set of discounts personalized to you, not someone sorta like you.

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