Esurance Commercial: Shirlee (Video)

The new Esurance commercial introduces Shirlee, who’s crushin’ it. Literally.

Esurance commercial

Shirlee thinks you need a hammer to play Candy Crush. And that saving 15 percent on car insurance in 15 minutes is pretty sweet.

Oh, Shirlee.

Welcome to the modern world

Fortunately, you know that’s not how any of this works. The modern world moves fast and that most things these days can be done online … from crushing candy to buying insurance.

With easy-to-use online tools to our do-everything mobile app, Esurance offers a smarter choice in car insurance. So don’t live in Shirlee’s word. Get a quote from Esurance and live in the modern world.

The new Esurance commercial transcript

Shirlee: When you told me about this Candy Crush game, at first I thought, “So what?” But now I can’t stop playing!

Son: That’s not how it works.

Shirlee: I mean, it’s so simple. It’s like my car insurance. I saved 15 percent in 15 minutes.

Son: Well, Esurance could’ve saved you money in half that time.

Shirlee: Three in a row! Swe-he-heet!

Start with a quote from Esurance and you could save money on car insurance in half the time.

Welcome to the modern world.

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5 Responses to “Esurance Commercial: Shirlee (Video)”

  1. Avatar for Heidi Wallis
    August 30, 2014 #

    I never saw anyone spell their name the same as me

  2. Avatar for Heidi Wallis
    October 9, 2014 #

    But oh my god, where did that sweater come from? I'm being serious. It's so cute!

  3. Avatar for Heidi Wallis
    billy bodine
    October 31, 2014 #

    I LOVE IT!! That kinda humor is right up my alley. There are some people who don't find it funny, but it's those people who lack a sense of imagination and try to disect everything on a serious basis, saying someting ignorant like:
    "What an idiot, that's not what candy crush means!"
    DUH!! It's a joke, moron!
    My hat's off to the writers and the product's company.
    It's commercials like this that stick in peoples head and they actually look forward to seeing.
    They're short and sweet, humorous, and they don't take up our time trying to make a movie
    to get to their point. When a person see's those type of commercials we don't even remember what the product is, mostly because we change the channel as soon as it comes on!

  4. Avatar for Heidi Wallis
    michael duchsette
    October 31, 2014 #

    WOW, this guy hit the nail right on the head.
    Tv land needs more commercials like this. Get rid of those annoying commercials with people crunching on food (obviously a dubover of a loud annoying crunch), or the little kids hollering
    "MOMMY", or, "GRANDPA, or "DADDY".
    I'm generally not a complainer, but it annoys me when I see "COPYCAT" commercials like that with absolutely no creativity of their own. Those guys can learn alot from writers and producers like this essurance ad.
    And about Shirley and her son, WOW! What a helarious pair, use em more often!

  5. Avatar for Heidi Wallis
    billy bodine
    October 31, 2014 #

    The prior posting is replying on my original comment, but somehow it dissapeared.
    I had said that this commercial is great because of it's uniquely dry humor and great
    actors who play the parts so well. This is a commercial that I can watch over and over
    and over again and still get a big laugh out of it. Seriously, I'm physically layed up
    for a few months looking at lower back surgery soon, which can put you in pretty
    low spirits from time to time. When I see this commercial come on tv it brightens up
    my whole day.
    Thanx writers, producers, and actors, y'all do a great job!!

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