Esurance Commercial: Savings Whiplash

In our latest TV spot, we talk about a (crazy) little thing called “savings whiplash.”

In our latest TV commercial, we discuss a crazy little thing we call “savings whiplash.” Ouch.

Here’s the transcript (for all you readers)

Raise your hand if you’ve got savings whiplash — you know, from car insurance companies shouting, “Save $500 bucks over here!” “No, save $300 bucks over here!” “Wait, save $400 bucks right here!”

With so many places offering so much buck-saving, where do you start?

Well, Esurance was born online, raised by technology, and majors in efficiency. So they’re actually built to save you money. And time. And whiplash.

Esurance commercial song

Wondering about that song in the Esurance commercials? Well, it’s none other than Grammy-winning tune, “Jam Man” by Chet Atkins.

Built to save

How does “born online, raised by technology, and majors in efficiency” translate to savings? Find out 3 surprising ways Esurance helps customers save on car insurance.

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