Esurance Commercial: Frank (Video)

Meet Frank. He loves to file. You could even call him a file-o-phile. Someone ought to tell him about the time he could save with Express Lane®.

Esurance Commercial - Frank

Filing cabinets can be really handy. They work great as cat perches, planters (thanks Pinterest!), and storage units. But, when it comes to finding info, there’s a smarter, easier way to do things.

Take Express Lane® for example. When you get a quote from Esurance, there’s no need to dig through your filing cabinet looking for old insurance docs. All you need to get started is your name, birth date, and address.

With that, we can look up your car’s information (like VIN, make, and model) as well as your previous insurance info (like prior deductibles and limits). And that means you can get your quote in minutes!

Of course, if you prefer doing things the old-school way, you can always befriend our buddy Frank. In the latest Esurance commercial, he sets out to prove that his paper filing system is the most efficient way to find what he needs (but he’s wrong).

Love the new Esurance commercial? Read the transcript.

Frank: This whole storing and finding things on a “computer” makes no sense to me. Every piece of information I’ll ever need is right here, in precise alphabetical order.

Wife: I already found it. Night, Frank.

Frank: Oh yeah, I found it too.

Wife: Oh file it, Frank.

With Express Lane from Esurance, just one click can auto-fill your driving info and help you get a quote faster than ever. Welcome to the modern world.

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  1. pamela king
    June 24, 2014 #

    all these commercials suck so bad I wouldn't even try this insurance, find a agency that represent your company as something I could trust

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