Esurance Commercial: Beatrice (Video)

Beatrice hasn’t quite embraced the modern world. But Esurance has.

Times have changed. And life moves a lot faster these days.

Now, you can do your banking in seconds. You don’t need a dial-up connection to get online. And 15 minutes for a car insurance quote isn’t how it works anymore.

Watch the latest Esurance commercial, “Beatrice,” to see how 7 ½ minutes could save you on car insurance.

A smarter choice for car insurance

Born online and majoring in efficiency, Esurance has the tools, technology, and know-how to help you save both time and money on car insurance.

Get your car insurance quote today to see how Esurance is making car insurance faster and easier … and helping you save in the process.

Welcome to the faster, smarter, and just plain better modern world.

Love the new Esurance commercial? Read the transcript.

Beatrice: Instead of mailing everyone my vacation photos, I’m saving a ton of time by posting them to my wall.

Friend 1: Oh, I like that one.

Beatrice: It’s so quick! It’s just like my car insurance. I saved fifteen percent in just fifteen minutes.

Friend 2: I saved more than that in half the time.

Beatrice: I unfriend you.

Friend 2: That’s not how it works. That’s not how any of this works.

Fifteen minutes for a quote isn’t how it works anymore. With Esurance, 7½ minutes could save you on car insurance. Welcome to the modern world.

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55 Responses to “Esurance Commercial: Beatrice (Video)”

  1. Avatar for Jessica Guerin
    Marlene Landry
    May 24, 2014 #

    Bravo! What a wonderfully subtle, but funny approach to snag attention for the product. I would only caution, as more commercials are created, that you don't get caught with the same dilemma as the E-Trade people who ended their "Baby" commercials. From what I've read, they were worried that they were so funny, people were not taking the actual product seriously.

    I have actually caught myself, when viewing a clever commercial, wondering at the end what the commercial was marketing. Of course, then I cannot wait to see it again so I get the whole picture. Something else must have been going on at E-Trade. Congratulations! Keep them coming.

  2. Avatar for Jessica Guerin
    Rhonda Roddy
    May 25, 2014 #

    Just like racism or gender bias, many of us don't recognize these "isms" until they are directly aimed at us. I turn 66 tomorrow. I entered the workforce long before PCs, tablets, cell phones, lap tops, apps, ad infinitum. I even had Allstate Insurance way back when! Still do – although with the Beatrice commercials, I'm rethinking that, wondering if Allstate really needs my premiums. BTW, even with all of the technology at hand, they overcharged me last year on my mortgage insurance and finally sent me a refund recently. The Beatrice commercials ASSUME that older people "didn't get the memo" as your ad copy states. Two out of three of the ladies in those commercials clearly do not understand the technology, e.g. Facebook. It's those assumptions that create stereotypes, folks, which ultimately develop into the "isms" we don't like. I'm still working. I'm using technology every day in multiple forms. I supervise a team of young people who have never worked a day without all of the many gadgets available now. I think we should CELEBRATE Beatrice for staying in the game, whether or not she gets it perfectly all the time. Instead, we make her look foolish — too old to "get the memo." That's why object to this commercial. Just think how cool Allstate COULD HAVE made Beatrice! Then maybe you too "got the memo."

    • Avatar for Jessica Guerin
      ann ledesma
      May 30, 2014 #

      right on, rhonda. good for you for staying in the workforce too.

      • Avatar for Jessica Guerin
        Frederica Janes
        June 4, 2014 #

        What a great point. Commercials are an opportunity like no other to communicate something to the world — and this is what Allstate did with that opportunity. Make fun of old people to get a laugh.

  3. Avatar for Jessica Guerin
    June 1, 2014 #

    I love this commercial. Its my favorite. Its cute and soo funny.

  4. Avatar for Jessica Guerin
    Frederica Janes
    June 4, 2014 #

    This commercial is flat-out ageist. It plays to a stereotype that older people are slow and technologically inept, both inaccurate and damaging to this demographic. These stereotypes are at the core of long-term unemployment among those 50 and older. They exist despite the fact that Beatrice's generation invented computers and many 5o and older have been using them far longer than people in their teens, 20s or 30s. The fact that the ads are light and comedic doesn't mean they're not ageist. The fact that einsurance "didn't intend" to be ageist doesn't make it not ageist. The fact that you like it or think it doesn't mean it's not ageist. It means ageism in America is so reflexive and unconscious that we're not conscious of how ageist we are, and we're so stuck in it that we'll dig in and defend it. This is exactly where racism was in the 1950s. It's so bad that older people laugh at and disparage themselves They should be enraged. They should speak out. You should speak out, because one day you'll bein their shoes. I will do everything in my power to have this ad removed from the air, and so should you. And I will never buy an esurance or Allstate apologize until they remove the ad and apologize.

    • Avatar for Jessica Guerin
      ann ledesma
      June 12, 2014 #

      Bravo to you, Frederica. I too see constant similarities between ageism and racism. And i also find it shameful. that older people laugh at themselves and ads like these and tolerate words like "adorable," "cute" and "hilarious." I see my generation as an oppressed group complicit in its own oppression. I too have done everything I can to come against this commercial, and though I still have Allstate as my insurer, I have let my agents know how insulted i feel and that only my long-term good relationship with them keeps me on board.

    • Avatar for Jessica Guerin
      March 19, 2015 #

      Yes, this is the right response. I'd liek to know the age of those who have posted that they like these campaigns. For shame on Esurance. Encourage ageism.

  5. Avatar for Jessica Guerin
    Chris Foy
    June 17, 2014 #

    Friend # 1 looks very familiar to me, I know you won't say names, so therefor I un-friend you. Lol

  6. Avatar for Jessica Guerin
    June 28, 2014 #

    Beatrice is so endearing, much like your very own grandmother. How can you not like the commercial? It's funny, yet lighthearted. I don't feel like it's insulting, not in the least. There are some senior folks that aren't "Tech savvy".It just points the fact out. It's not an insult directed at these senior individuals. Just because they don't understand doesn't make them any less intelligent. I'm sure there are things that each of us don't understand. But, do you feel stupid because of this lack of knowledge. Of course not, it just means you should learn more about it. Much like this commercial, Beatrice should educate herself on this knowledge. Just because she's a senior doesn't mean she has to give up learning new things. I'm sure more senior individuals feel the same way. You're never too old to learn.

  7. Avatar for Jessica Guerin
    July 9, 2014 #

    Just saw the Milton/selfie ad for the first time. It's the best one of all the great ads. I'd love to know who is the actress. She's really terrific. Great facial expressions and voice control. Great job.

  8. Avatar for Jessica Guerin
    July 19, 2014 #

    If all the company can say in their entire commercial is that they give you a quote quicker than Geiko does and pair that with making fun of anyone less than tech savvy….. why would I want to by buying insurance from these people? These and the current direct TV line are just awful, never giving this company any business.

  9. Avatar for Jessica Guerin
    December 12, 2014 #

    I love these commercials. Good job!

  10. Avatar for Jessica Guerin
    March 19, 2015 #

    Dear Esurance, your ads making fun of the elderly has made me unspeakably angry since they began. As a middle-aged person who recently took care of my mother and father, both members of the Greatest Generation, until they died, one with Alzheimer's, I have found your company's mocking the elderly OVERTLY offensive, distasteful and churlishly smug.

    Those who are younger do not need ANY additional incentive to mock the elderly; my experience is they do it quite well enough all by themselves. Just wait until they get to be my age and have to deal with their aging parents through their death. I look forward to mocking them then, if I am able.

    For shame on Esurance for using ageism as a marketing tool. Ageism is so endemic in our society, so under recognized, given that the victims of it are so often so very powerless to defend themselves against it. They do not have effective lobbying groups watching their backs. Note to AARP: Speak up for elderly citizens being made fun of by smug marketers — if this were, fill in the blank, any other disadvantaged group, can you imagine the public outcry?

    Esurance's campaigns are an outrage! Their using the elderly as their figures of fun is as offensive as any of the historic ridicule of any other disadvantaged minorities, as horrible as any of the other current and historic 'ists and 'isms.

    The elderly are all too often ignored, abused and shunted off to elder homes, deprived of the compassion and love and RESPECT of younger people. Stop doing this. It is deplorable to mock our elders. They should be venerated and respected. Shame on you. The millenials and gen ys may seem sexy and cool, but it is our boomer and our parent generation who can afford you, and who know why insurance matters. Shame on you for piling on. In my opinion, your ads constitute elder abuse. They are certainly discriminatory and in very poor taste. It's too easy a target. Why not pick on infants or puppies, instead?

    Hate everything you've done so far.

    • Avatar for Jessica Guerin
      Rachael Heller
      March 31, 2015 #

      We’re sorry you felt the commercial was insulting; we certainly didn’t intend it that way.

      The idea of the campaign is to demonstrate how quickly things change in the modern world and position Esurance as a smarter and more efficient choice for car insurance.

      While it’s true that Beatrice is a bit behind the times, we attempted to balance her with a similarly-aged (but more up-to-date) friend who counters “That’s not how any of this works anymore.”

      The intent is to show that it can be difficult to keep pace with technology these days (no matter your age), but that Esurance can help you do just that.

      In future commercials, you’ll see a broad range of ages represented. Our goal at Esurance is to continue making car insurance simpler and to welcome everyone to the faster, smarter, and just plain better modern world.

      Thank you again for your feedback. We hope as the campaign unfolds, you’ll enjoy watching people of all kinds try to keep up with modern times.

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