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Sweep Away Floor Squeaks with the Scott Brothers

Whatever the sticking point around the house, there’s a smooth solution. Jonathan and Drew Scott can get you started (and Esurance can take it from there).

DIY hacks | Home and garden

4 Home Repairs You Can Do Yourself

Save yourself big bucks by tackling small home repairs yourself. Here are 4 DIY, simple home repairs you can totally handle.

DIY hacks | Home and garden

5 DIY Upcycled Storage Solutions

Getting organized shouldn’t require a trip to the store for more stuff. Here are a few of our favorite storage solutions that repurpose, reuse, and upcycle common household items you probably already have in your home.

DIY hacks | Home and garden

Erase Scratches with the Scott Brothers (Thanks to the Walnut)

Real wood, fabric, and leather give a home style (and class). Here are some easy, natural ways to keep ’em in good shape.

DIY hacks | Home and garden

5 Laundry Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

Laundry is a dreaded and hated chore, partially because it’s so confusing. Check out these 5 laundry hacks to help you do it faster.

DIY hacks | Home and garden

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