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Windshield Scams: Parking Lot Cons on the Rise

Parking lot cons are on the rise. Here’s what to watch out for and how to avoid becoming a target.

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Impress Your Mechanic: 6 Important Types of Car Fluid

Just like people, cars are full of fluids. Get a quick rundown of what each one does so you can feel smarter next time you visit the mechanic.

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Three Oil Change Up-Sells to Watch For

Do you find yourself bamboozled every time you get a simple oil change? Check out the maintenance work you probably don’t need to know when to say, “Thanks, but no thanks.”

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5 Smart Places to Invest Your Tax Refund

The average tax refund is $3,000. What will you spend yours on? Esurance has some tips.

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Tire Maintenance: Tips for Spring

Spring is here. And after months of rough winter weather, our tires might need a little TLC. Find out how to make sure your tires are in working order before you hit the road this spring.

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