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Driving Out of State: Does Your Car Insurance Travel with You?

Find out if your car insurance goes with you out of state, the country, or even the continent.

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4 Tips for Helping Your Teen Learn to Drive

If you can’t keep your cool in a parking lot, you’ll be a basket case on the road.

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Car Maintenance by the Mile: What Your Mechanic Isn’t Telling You

Celebrate the day the odometer rolls over with these tips for car maintenance at different mileage milestones.

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Facebook Fans Report How They Spend Tax Refunds

We took to Facebook to find out how our fans spend their tax refunds (if they’re lucky enough to get one).

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Impress Your Mechanic: 6 Important Types of Car Fluid

Just like people, cars are full of fluids. Get a quick rundown of what each one does so you can feel smarter next time you visit the mechanic.

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