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For your finances

8 Tips for Easy Holiday Gift Returns

You want to buy them the perfect gift, but sometimes you miss the mark. (Or they bought you the wrong size.) Here are 8 tips for easy holiday returns.

DIY hacks | For your finances

4 Hacks to Help You Save on Gas

No matter what you drive (or how often), everyone wants to save money on gas. Check out 4 hacks that’ll help you pay less at the pump.

DIY hacks | For your finances

How to Plan Early (and Save More) on Your Holiday Shopping

Want to save money this holiday season? Here are 5 ways to get a jump on your holiday shopping (and give your budget a break) while the leaves are still falling.

DIY hacks | For your finances

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Home and garden

How to Survive Without AC

Yes, you can keep cool this summer without cranking the air conditioner. Find out how CFLs, cotton sheets, and a bowl of ice can help keep your home cool.

DIY hacks | Home and garden

4 Common Problems (and Fixes) for Your Home’s Foundation

Your home’s continued structural integrity literally depends upon your foundation, so take the time to make sure yours is safe and sound. Here’s how to do it.

DIY hacks | Home and garden

Hack Your Small Kitchen with the Scott Brothers

Kitchen space is always at a premium. Get spicy satisfaction with the Scott Brothers (plus a lot more storage solutions).

DIY hacks | Home and garden

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For your car

Check Your Tread with the Scott Brothers

You can do basic car maintenance yourself on the cheap (and this first trick won’t cost you a penny).

DIY hacks | For your car

Organize Your Life (Part 4): How to Tidy Up Your Car

Is the inside of your car a mess? Check out these 8 common accessories to help you organize it once and for all.

DIY hacks | For your car

Brighten Your Headlights with the Scott Brothers

Watch our first DIY Ditty with Drew and Jonathan Scott for a quick fix to dirty headlights.

DIY hacks | For your car

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