Car Insurance and College: Are Your Kids Properly Insured?

If your young scholar is about to head off to college with a car, you’re probably wondering how the change will affect his or her car insurance. The good news is that if you’re with Esurance, the answer is: not at all.

If your young driver is about to head off to college, you might be wondering how the change will affect his or her car insurance.

Granted, your mind is probably on a million and one other things, not the least of which is how much you’ll miss him or her, but if car insurance is one of those million-plus things, your head (and heart) are in the right place.

Thankfully, if you’re an Esurance customer, you can take this moment (at least this one), to breathe a big sigh of relief and get the details you need about car insurance and college.

Off to school behind the wheel

If your son is covered by your Esurance policy, then he’s good to go — even if he’ll be studying in another state. He’ll enjoy the same great, affordable coverage that protected him at home as he shuttles from class to study session and hits the road for spring break. Just be sure to let us know Junior’s headed off to school so we won’t be left wondering why he’s filing a claim in Connecticut when he used to live in Oregon.

Off to school without the wheels

If your daughter’s headed off to school without a car and you’ve decided not to list her on your policy anymore, you’ll be happy to know she’ll still be covered when she visits for weekends, the holidays, and spring break. (Hey, you can hope for one of the 3, right?) That’s because your Esurance policy will cover her as a “permissive driver” — i.e., someone you let drive your car — for up to 30 days while she’s at home and bumming the keys. If that quick visit should turn into an unexpected “sabbatical,” you’ll need to add her back onto your policy.

Avoid the dreaded gap in car insurance

Note that if you opt to remove your non-driving son or daughter from your policy while they’re at school, their future car insurance rates may suffer. That’s because car insurance companies consider those who let their coverage lapse to be slightly riskier than those who consistently maintain coverage. With that in mind, it may be more cost effective to keep your young scholar covered. Unless, that is, you want to get some early revenge for all those loan payments!

Want to learn about how changes in a young driver’s life can affect their car insurance?

Then check out our young driver FAQs.

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