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With more than 4 years' experience, Shawn spent his Esurance tenure helping make car insurance info as accessible, engaging, and informative as possible while simultaneously managing an abundance of complex editorial spreadsheets.

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How to Donate Your Car and Get a Tax Deduction

Get great tips on how to make donating your car easier, from choosing a charity to re-titling your car and updating your insurance.

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Recycled Rides: Putting Totaled Cars to Good Use

Learn what happens to totaled cars and how we’re putting a rare few back to use through the power of the Recycled Rides program.

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6 Simple Tips for Using Snow Chains

Winter is coming and it’s time to break out the snow chains. Find out what you need to know about tire chains (and cables) and how to use them properly.

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Does GPS Make You a Better Driver?

GPS navigation can make you a more efficient driver. But what do you know about how GPS works? Find out here.

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America Recycles Day: Make a Pledge to Do More

Find out about America Recycles Day and the dangers of e-waste. Then pledge to do more on the recycling and eco-friendly front.

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