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During her 4-year tenure at Esurance, Shannon was our go-to expert for all things social media related. She was also the founder, president, and CEO of the Esurance Cheese Club. A New Jersy transplant, she’s an avid road tripper and food nerd.

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The Esurance Guide to Taking a Road Trip

Esurance gives you the run-down on how to plan the greatest Spring Break road trip ever. From expenses to eating, maps, apps and more, we’ll help you to plan the road trip of a lifetime.

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4 Ways to Reset Your Car Clock for Daylight Savings

Less sleep, more daylight. We’ll miss that hour in bed, but many will gladly make the exchange for the promise of the warmer, brighter days. There’s just the pesky matter of all those clock changes. Millions of us scrambled around the house yesterday to sync the microwave clock to the oven, the DVR to the … Continue reading “4 Ways to Reset Your Car Clock for Daylight Savings”

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