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During Ryan's tenure at Esurance, he headed up the online copy team, dedicating the majority of his time to improving the company’s (super gigantic) website. His blogging chops date all the way back to 2010, a mystical time when phones sometimes flipped open and his dog wasn’t even born yet.

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Tire Maintenance: a Beginner’s Guide

As Kenny Rogers (probably) knows, when it comes to tires, you’ve gotta know when to fill ‘em, know how to change ‘em. Find out how to keep rolling with our quick tips.

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Top 5 Reasons to Drive an Automatic Car

Manual, schmanual. See why automatic transmissions make our driving lives easier.

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3 Reasons Esurance Is All About Carpooling

If you’re wondering why a car insurance company would care so much about carpooling, here are the top 3 reasons why.

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Top 4 Reasons Car Insurance for Hybrids Costs More

As hybrids become more popular and affordable, drivers wonder why the cost of insuring them remains higher than average. And for a green insurance company like ours, the relatively high cost of insuring a hybrid presents a bit of a pickle. After all, these hybrid drivers are our people. Since the first actuarial tables appeared … Continue reading “Top 4 Reasons Car Insurance for Hybrids Costs More”

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The Green Car Olympics

With exciting hybrids and EVs hitting the market in 2011, we invite green cars everywhere to compete in the 2011 Green Car Olympics.

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