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Rebecca is a freelance copywriter and editor living in the SF Bay Area with her husband and two kids. She enjoys productively channeling her anxiety into safety-minded articles for home and garden, running with her robot trainer, and advocating on behalf of the Oxford comma.

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DIY Green Home Decorations for the Holidays

Keep cost and waste down by decorating your home with seasonal elements that can be composted, upcycled, or recycled at the end of the season.

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Connected Car Tech That Keeps You Safe

From monitoring the health of your vehicle to offering hands-free emergency help, connected car tech has some incredible innovations. Check out the latest.

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When Should Seniors Stop Driving?

Getting older doesn’t have to mean an end to driving. Find out if your older family members are safe behind the wheel.

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5 Smart Home Innovations From the Future

The next generation of connected technology is promising homeowners more bells, more whistles, and more WOW. Check out these new smart home products you have to see to believe.

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5 Fast DIY Smart Home Upgrades

Smart home technology is getting less expensive and easier to install and use. Consider these 5 simple, DIY upgrades for a smarter home.

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