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Rebecca is a freelance copywriter and editor living in the SF Bay Area with her husband and two kids. She enjoys productively channeling her anxiety into safety-minded articles for home and garden, running with her robot trainer, and advocating on behalf of the Oxford comma.

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3 DIY Pest Control Hacks for the Kitchen

Flies on your figs? Moths in the macaroni? Here are 3 non-toxic ways to nix common kitchen pests. See how to keep the critters out of your cupboards.

DIY hacks | Home and garden | Safe and smart | Home safety

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Be Smart About Zika: 4 Things Travelers Need to Know

The Zika virus pandemic is raising some major concerns for travelers. Here are 4 things to know about this growing public health emergency.

All the news | Safe and smart | Travel hacks

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Is Your Backyard Pool Safe?

End of summer pool party? Here are 5 things you can do to help prevent water-related injuries and accidents.

Safe and smart | Home safety

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