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After studying Literature and Writing in San Diego, Rachael said farewell to her sunny hometown and left for San Francisco to revel in the fog. When she’s not writing Tweets and blogs and all manner of copy for Esurance, Rachael spends her free time hiking, enjoying the sparse sunshine at Ocean Beach, and seeking out the best reading spots in the city.

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Introducing Election Insurance from Esurance

Election Insurance from Esurance — peace of mind (no matter what happens in November). Because, freedom.

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How to Use RepairView® Online Repair Monitoring [Video]

Filing a claim is never fun. Make it easier (and faster) with RepairView®, which lets you monitor the progress of your repairs online.

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How to Survive a Blown Tire [Video]

If you’re driving along and your tire goes BOOM, don’t panic. Here’s what to do.

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4 Insurance Terms of Love [Quiz]

Did you know tying the knot can affect (and sometimes help you save on) your insurance? If marriage is on your mind, check out our quiz.

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How to Check Your Oil [Video]

A car without oil is like a fish without water. Here’s how to make sure your baby stays properly hydrated.

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