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During her time as an editor for the Esurance creative team, Meghan “layed the smackdown” on style and grammar rules. Hailing from Chicagoland, she’s written about everything from industrial welding to dog fashion. She spends her weekends attending live comedy shows (likely laughing so hard she cries) and reveling in the art of well-mixed cocktails.

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The Takata Air Bag Recall: What You Need to Know

The Takata air bag recall is the biggest product recall in U.S. history, affecting 1 in 7 cars on the road. Here’s what to do if your car’s on the list.

Safe and smart | Car safety

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The Extreme Savings Experiment: 6 Ways to Stop Spending

It’s National Save for Retirement Week! Try this extreme savings experiment to help boost your bank account.

DIY hacks

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Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: 31 Tips for Road-Tripping Without Stopping

Eliminating overnight stops during a long road trip is easier said than done. Before embarking, here are 31 tips for driving “straight through.”

Travel hacks | Getting there

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The True Cost of Installing a Swimming Pool

Before installing a pool in your backyard, make sure you’re adding up all the expenses.

Insurance 101 | Homeowners 101

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The 7 Best Road Trip Movies You’ve Never Heard Of

On road trips, things don’t always go as planned. So, if you want to prepare for unexpected (and highly improbable) circumstances on your next adventure, these 7 movies are for you.

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