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A recovering English professor, repatriated expat and startup geek, Lauren speaks several languages, including Spanish, French, Academese, and Tech Lite. When she isn’t writing for Esurance, you might find her reading, marathoning Netflix, or gathering data to decide which San Francisco museums host the best nightlife events. She has a complicated relationship with the Oxford comma.

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How to Make Your Weekend Feel Like a Vacation: 5 Day Trips from San Francisco

Make your weekend feel like a vacation with a car, a playlist, a tank of gas, and our list of the best Bay Area day trips.

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4 Reasons to Quit Texting While Walking

While texting is deadly at 70 mph, it turns out plenty can go wrong at 2 mph on your own 2 feet.

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Esurance Homeowners Insurance: Now Taking Flight in North Carolina

If you call the Tar Heel State home, you have a new neighbor: Esurance now offers homeowners insurance in North Carolina.

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