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A recovering English professor, repatriated expat and startup geek, Lauren speaks several languages, including Spanish, French, Academese, and Tech Lite. When she isn’t writing for Esurance, you might find her reading, marathoning Netflix, or gathering data to decide which San Francisco museums host the best nightlife events. She has a complicated relationship with the Oxford comma.

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Get a Grip with the Scott Brothers

Slippery rug? Make your own nonstick backing.

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Watch our first DIY Ditty with Drew and Jonathan Scott for a quick fix to dirty headlights.

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Navy Veteran Gets a New Lease on Life with Esurance and Recycled Rides

Esurance recently partnered with Recycled Rides to give a Navy vet and her special needs daughter a fresh start in Sacramento.


4 Women Who Made the Modern World Possible

The history of our modern world is filled with unsung heroes. This Women’s History Month, we’re giving a shout-out to 4 incredible women who changed the world as we (now) know it.

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Esurance Partners with Recycled Rides to Give Families New Starts

Esurance is proud to take part in the Recycled Rides program. These 2 families, who received newly refurbished cars through the program over the past month, will inspire you too.

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