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After spending eight years writing copy in the magazine and advertising worlds, Jonathan left behind the Rocky Mountains in his home state of Colorado to join Esurance in San Francisco. In addition to being a word nerd, he is also a food freak and a travel nut, so in his off time you’ll likely find him on a weekend road trip, cooking, trying a new restaurant, or going on a long run in an attempt to offset all that eating (not always successfully).

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From Car Hacking to Wi-Fi Highways: How Technology Is Changing Our Roads

Recent innovations in auto technology have made cars easier and more fun to drive. But they’ve also made them more vulnerable to car hackers.

Smart technology | Car tech

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Esurance Homeowners Insurance Has Arrived in Nevada

It may be known as the Silver State, but Nevada homeowners have struck gold with the arrival of homeowners insurance from Esurance.

All the news | Around Esurance

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Road Safety: The 10 Safest (and 10 Most Dangerous) Countries for Drivers

Planning a foreign adventure? Before you book that rental car, find out which countries have the safest roads (and where you should probably avoid driving).

Safe and smart | Car safety | Travel hacks

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4 Tips for a Drama-Free Valet Experience

Hand over the keys with confidence, knowing you’ll get your car (and everything in it) back in one piece.

All the news | DIY hacks | Travel hacks