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After spending eight years writing copy in the magazine and advertising worlds, Jonathan left behind the Rocky Mountains in his home state of Colorado to join Esurance in San Francisco. In addition to being a word nerd, he is also a food freak and a travel nut, so in his off time you’ll likely find him on a weekend road trip, cooking, trying a new restaurant, or going on a long run in an attempt to offset all that eating (not always successfully).

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Esurance Homeowners Coverage Has Arrived in the Heart of Dixie

There are a lot of things to love about Alabama. And now, Esurance homeowners coverage is one of them.

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Mountain Driving 101: 8 Tips for a Stress-Free Trip

Mountain driving can be nerve-racking, but with a little know-how (and a little practice), you can leave your worries behind and enjoy the ride.

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Attention Tennesseans: Esurance Homeowners Insurance Has Arrived in the Volunteer State

Tennessee has a lot to offer. Music, history, beautiful scenery — and now, homeowners insurance from Esurance.

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America’s Craziest Roadside Attractions

Weird roadside attractions make every long drive more interesting. Here are our favorites in every state.

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The Cannabis Effect: How Has Legalizing Recreational Marijuana Affected Colorado’s Drivers?

Recreational marijuana’s been legal in Colorado for a year and a half now. What can we learn about legal weed’s impact on drugged-driving enforcement?

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