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John Moore Williams has spent his writing career providing advice on everything from proper septic system care to where to eat in Nice (and, during his tenure at Esurance, how to find the right insurance coverages). An avid descriptive grammarian, he encourages you to end sentences with prepositions and to split infinitives whenever possible.

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Safety Recall Notifications: Everything You Need to Know

Do you know how to get almost-instant safety recall announcements for your cars, tires, and child safety seats? We do.

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New Child Safety Seat Standards

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and American Academy of Pediatrics recently revised their suggestions on child seat use. See what’s changed.

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Car Insurance and College: Are Your Kids Properly Insured?

If your young scholar is about to head off to college with a car, you’re probably wondering how the change will affect his or her car insurance. The good news is that if you’re with Esurance, the answer is: not at all.

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5 Best Road Trip Classics of All Time

Here’s our round-up of enduring road trip classics that will help you keep that summertime adventurous feeling going strong all year long.

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Young Drivers and Car Insurance

Car insurance for teens is not necessarily the same as car insurance for adults. We can help you identify the differences.

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