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John Moore Williams has spent his writing career providing advice on everything from proper septic system care to where to eat in Nice (and, during his tenure at Esurance, how to find the right insurance coverages). An avid descriptive grammarian, he encourages you to end sentences with prepositions and to split infinitives whenever possible.

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What’s Next for Driverless Cars?

While Google may be mum on its plans for its driverless cars, state legislatures, other car manufacturers, and the car insurance industry are already formulating their responses to the new technology.

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How (and How Well) Google’s Self-Driving Cars Get Around

Having redefined the way people search for and find information on the internet, Google — everyone’s favorite/most-reviled search giant — has now set its sights on revolutionizing driving.

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What Being an Allstate Company Really Means

We take another look at just what it means to be an Allstate company, and how it could benefit you.

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Electronic Proof of Insurance Becomes a Reality

Idaho has decided to allow electronic proof of insurance, and several other states are warming up to the concept. Find out what’s next on the insurance-goes-digital front.

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Time to Insure Your Recreational Vehicles!

When the weather gets warmer, you know it’s time to break out the toys of summer. But do you know how to find insurance for your recreational vehicles?

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