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John Moore Williams has spent his writing career providing advice on everything from proper septic system care to where to eat in Nice (and, during his tenure at Esurance, how to find the right insurance coverages). An avid descriptive grammarian, he encourages you to end sentences with prepositions and to split infinitives whenever possible.

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Warning: How Safe Are You from ID Theft?

In a world where ID theft is becoming increasingly common, how safe are you?

Safe and smart | Smart technology

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Will Google Glass End Distracted Driving?

There’s been a lot of debate over the value of Google Glass. But the only question on our minds is, “How will it affect distracted driving?” Find out here.

Safe and smart | Smart technology

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Are Red-Light Cameras Actually Causing Accidents?

The numbers are in, and they suggest that traffic cameras at stoplights (often called “red-light cameras”) aren’t decreasing accidents — and in some cases, they’re even causing them.

Safe and smart | Smart technology | Getting there

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Top 5 Hybrid Noises … in Theory

A recent NHTSA proposal asks that some cars make more noise … and fires up this writer’s imagination.

Getting there

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2 African-American Inventors Who Changed the World

Learn about 2 African-American inventors who changed the world, saved millions of lives … and made the supermarket possible.

Smart technology | Around the nation

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