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During her time as senior copywriter at Esurance, Jessica wrote about everything from automotive trends to insurance tips to driving dogs (it’s a thing!). In her free time, you can find Jessica hiking with her dog (who cannot drive), devouring a good mystery, or very slowly learning Spanish.

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Do Handheld Cell Phone Bans Work?

A new study from UC Berkeley shows a decrease in fatalities since California banned cell phones. But it turns out that’s not the whole story. Find out whether hands-free devices really make us safer.

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The Safest Seat in the Car: You Might Be Surprised

You may scowl at the thought of sitting in the middle seat, but it turns out it’s the safest place to be. Find out why.

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Blood Alcohol Concentration and Breathalyzers: How It Works

With St. Patrick’s Day approaching, drinking naturally comes to mind. Learn about blood alcohol concentration, breathalyzer tests, and how to avoid the dangers of drunk driving.

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What Is a Car Recall and How Do You Deal with It?

From the basics (what is a safety recall) to the more complex (what to do if the dealer tries to charge you for a recall repair), we clue you in on the recall process.

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Is Your Infotainment System Causing You to Be a Distracted Driver?

The NHTSA recently proposed guidelines to help curb the level of distraction caused by onboard infotainment systems. Find out what the NHTSA is asking of carmakers.

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