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During her time as senior copywriter at Esurance, Jessica wrote about everything from automotive trends to insurance tips to driving dogs (it’s a thing!). In her free time, you can find Jessica hiking with her dog (who cannot drive), devouring a good mystery, or very slowly learning Spanish.

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Insurance Defined: Actual Cash Value

Actual cash value isn’t the most glamorous insurance term, but it’s a good one to understand if you ever have to file a car insurance claim.

Insurance 101 | Car insurance 101

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The Car of Tomorrow: You Have to See It to Believe It

Esurance and West Coast Customs teamed up with fans to create the ultimate car of tomorrow. And now for the big reveal ….

Around Esurance

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Dear Santa: Please Bring Esurance Homeowners Insurance to Indiana

Okay, insurance probably isn’t on your holiday wish list, but now that Esurance offers homeowners insurance in Indiana, maybe it should be!

Homeowners 101

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What’s Your Driving Style? (Quiz)

Are you cool as a cucumber behind the wheel? Or do other drivers bring out the beast in you? Take our driving-style quiz and find out!

Travel hacks | Getting there

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Esurance Homeowners Insurance Lands in Michigan

Hey Michiganders, Esurance homeowners insurance has made it to your neck of the woods. See what we’ve got in store.

All the news | Around Esurance

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