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Heidi brings 11 years’ experience to her role as Esurance’s copywriting manager. Writer, editor, and all around wordsy, she was content when content wasn’t cool. Also, she likes old-school country.

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The Only 3 Things You Need to Know About Sharks and Insurance

Since Esurance is sponsoring Shark Week this year, we thought we’d take a moment to connect the dots between these ancient creatures of the deep and the modern world of insurance.

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5 Biggest St. Patrick’s Day Myths

Before you drink another green beer or don a pair of shamrock shades, let Esurance bust a few St. Patrick’s Day myths for you.

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Flash Floods: What Causes Them and How to Avoid Them

Flash floods can happen almost anywhere. And since a rainy El Niño winter is predicted, we’ve got tips to help you prepare.

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Your Ultimate El Niño Survival Guide

This could be the strongest El Niño ever recorded. Are you ready?

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El Niño Survival: How to Tell If You Live in a Flood Plain

With an El Niño winter predicted and higher-than-average rainfall expected in many parts of the country, here’s everything you need to know about flood plains, including how to tell if you live in one.

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