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Heidi brings 8 years’ experience to her role as Esurance’s copywriting manager. As a bona fide lit nerd and sucker for anachronism, she spends her days trying to incorporate Hemingway, Frost, and Shakespeare into car insurance (with varying degrees of success).

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The Sasquatch Launch Party and an Interview with Mad Rad

As title sponsor of the 2011 Sasquatch! Music Festival in George, Washington, we recently attended the festival launch party in Seattle. On February 6, we joined fans and musicians at The Showbox to kick things off and announce the 2011 Sasquatch lineup. The Thermals, Das Racist, and Mad Rad headlined the show, and we were … Continue reading “The Sasquatch Launch Party and an Interview with Mad Rad”

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Turn Your Ride into a Make-Out Mobile

In honor of dear ol’ St. Valentine and Valentine’s Day, which has — rather impressively — been around since Chaucer’s time, we’d planned on compiling a list of great make-out cars. But then we thought, unless you actually have a ’74 Coupe de Ville or ’56 Nash Ambassador, who really cares? So in the interest … Continue reading “Turn Your Ride into a Make-Out Mobile”

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How Esurance RepairView Works

Having your car in the shop is no fun. True. But at Esurance, we work hard to make this experience easier for our customers. Find out how Esurance RepairView® works. Enter RepairView, our popular car repair monitoring service that’s easily accessed from any computer or smartphone. Here’s a little story to demonstrate how it works. … Continue reading “How Esurance RepairView Works”

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