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Heidi brings 8 years’ experience to her role as Esurance’s copywriting manager. As a bona fide lit nerd and sucker for anachronism, she spends her days trying to incorporate Hemingway, Frost, and Shakespeare into car insurance (with varying degrees of success).

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On Arbor Day: A Tree in Ohio with Your Name on It

After a week of Midwestern storms, we met up with HSG on a cheerily rain-free morning to plant red osier dogwood, red maple, and silver oak trees.

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Gadget-Driven: Vehicle Safety Meets Cool Technology

As an insurance company and online innovator, the opportunity for technology to advance vehicle safety makes our actuarial hearts go pitter-patter. Here are a few of the safety technologies we’re most excited about.

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How to Get Safety Discounts on Car Insurance

While stock safety devices are becoming increasingly more common, in many states, they can also earn drivers discounts on car insurance.

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Car Insurance So Green the Leprechauns Can’t See Us

Since the mid-18th century, it’s been an odd American tradition to pinch anyone not wearing green on St. Patty’s Day. Presumably, this stems from the old Irish belief that leprechauns, who pinch anyone they can see, can’t actually see you if you’re wearing green. So in theory, we pinch to warn and remind each other … Continue reading “Car Insurance So Green the Leprechauns Can’t See Us”

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Most Motorcycle-Friendly States

With long winter nights in the rearview and spring just around the bend, many states are gearing up for motorcycle season. But since some parts of the U.S. are still buried in snow, we wondered which states are the most conducive to 2 wheels. To figure it out, we scaled mountains of motorcycle stats, looking … Continue reading “Most Motorcycle-Friendly States”

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