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From writing content for life coaches to working on indie film press releases, Evan’s motley repertoire has been considerable in the last couple of years. Now he employs his varied aptitude as a content writer for Esurance. He’s also a self-proclaimed polyglot in training with a proclivity for dog-eared books.

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How to Spot Hazardous Trees on Your Property

Learn how you can identify hazardous trees and reduce the risk of property damage and personal injury.

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Defensive Driving: 5 Tips Everyone Should Know

Do you drive defensively? Check out these 5 tips to see if you are (and how to fix it if you’re not).

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How to Collect and Repurpose Rainwater in Your Yard

Learn how you can collect and reuse rainwater to save money on utility costs and help out the environment.

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10 Ways to Make Your Used Car Feel New

Check out these 10 ways you can make your ride look (and feel) new without draining your emergency savings fund.

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