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Ellen has spent many years as a professional wordsmith, helping to shed light on such topics as world travel, cargo pants, and the porosity of bath tiles. As a freelance copywriter for Esurance, she brings her boundless curiosity to the world of insurance. Outside work, she can be found cheering on the San Francisco Giants, hiking in the Oakland hills, and (barely) resisting smuggling penguins home from Antarctica.

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Families, Foodies, and Football Fans Rejoice: Esurance Homeowners Insurance Is Now in Nebraska

Affordable housing, innovative food, and Huskers football are all great reasons to live in Nebraska. Here’s one more: Esurance homeowners coverage!

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Real Estate Trends: Why Are America’s Homebuyers Flocking to Smaller Cities?

Would you move cross-country for a more affordable house? If you said yes, you’re not alone. Find out about the latest real estate trend.

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7 Must-Read Tips for Earthquake Preparedness

An earthquake can strike at any time. Here are 7 important ways to get ready for the next one.

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It’s National Preparedness Month — Are You Ready?

Being prepared isn’t just for Boy Scouts. Follow these 8 steps to protect yourself against accidents and disasters.

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Esurance Homeowners Insurance is Ready to Rock and Roll in Ohio

Ohio homeowners, here’s yet another reason to love living in the Buckeye State — now you can protect your castle with our first-rate coverage!

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