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Ellen has spent many years as a professional wordsmith, helping to shed light on such topics as world travel, cargo pants, and the porosity of bath tiles. As a freelance copywriter for Esurance, she brings her boundless curiosity to the world of insurance. Outside work, she can be found cheering on the San Francisco Giants, hiking in the Oakland hills, and (barely) resisting smuggling penguins home from Antarctica.

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Motorcycle Theft: Is Your Bike a Target?

The stolen-bike stats for 2012 are in. Find out which makes, states, and cities were hit the hardest — and how you can keep your bike off the list for next year.

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How to Get the Best Price on a New Car

If the thought of buying a new car fills you with dread, these 5 tips will boost your confidence and help you score a great deal.

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Is Driving Hungover Worse Than Driving Drunk?

We all know not to drive when we’ve been drinking — but it seems driving the day after drinking is risky as well.

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6 of America’s Most Spectacular Holiday Displays

Most towns have a neighborhood or 2 known for their holiday décor — but some places really pull out all the stops. Find where to go to make your season bright.

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Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Hosts and Travelers

From kitchen fires to highway hazards, Thanksgiving can be surprisingly dangerous. Find out how to stay safe on Turkey Day.

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