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Chris has written everything from fiction manuscripts to pretend newsletters about pirates. He's even edited numerous volumes of work written entirely by kids. As a freelance writer at Esurance, he strives to bring out the whimsy and heart of insurance. Outside of Esurance, Chris is an audiophile, visual artist, and explorer of late-night taquerias.

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QUIZ: Are You a Home Architecture Wiz?

What do you call those window pane dividers? Or the poles that hold up your railing? Take our quiz to see if you’re a home architecture wiz!


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Esurance and Recycled Rides Team Up to Give a Cancer Survivor a New Start

Esurance and Recycled Rides team up to offer a lifeline to one help a Madison, Wisconsin woman and her family.

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How You Can Help California’s Fire Victims

No matter where you live, you can help California fire-relief efforts. Here’s what you can do.

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11 Things to See on a Presidential Road Trip

From the Hoover Dam to FDR’s Bay Area “Floating White House,” here are 11 sights you must see on a road trip in honor of our country’s presidents.

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5 Hacks for the Ultimate Holiday Cleanup

A few simple hacks can make your holiday cleanup painless. Find out how to organize your holiday decorations once and for all.

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